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Mooshy Misha Mooshovitz

  • Species: Eurasian Red Squirrel
  • Birthday: December 24, 1990
  • Interests: walking, acorns, musical theater

Mooshy is a stand-up squirrel. He is very responsible and consistent. Everybody says so. His family is originally from eastern Europe. They had been living in Jersey for a couple generations when Mooshy decided he was up for some adventure and moved out West to Colorado.

Mooshy is a

, where many of the squirrels of Denver work tirelessly to bury and find acorns. He is a good manager - not too bossy, but helpful. He eats lunch with the crew and puts in his fair share.

He met his partner,

, when she was working on a design project for the warehouse. He was blown away by how cute and smart and talented she was and couldn't help telling her so. They got together and had a daughter named
, who happens to be pretty cute, smart, and talented too.

In his spare time, Mooshy enjoys arguing with his cousin,

, going for walks along the Squirrel Highway, eating snacks (sometimes from birdfeeders), and watching musicals. He especially likes Squirrel on the Roof, The Sound of Chirping, and Hamilton.