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Smooshy Smisha Smooshovitz

  • Species: Gray Squirrel
  • Birthday: August 18, 1989
  • Interests: business, pickles

Smooshy is

cousin on his father's side. He is a gray squirrel. We're not quite sure if Mooshy is part gray squirrel too or if Smooshy is part red squirrel or Smooshy is adopted or something. We don't really think it matters. Being cousins is about more than the color of your fur.

Smooshy is a really interesting squirrel. He is a serial entrepreneur (also, a cereal entrepreneur - you should try Smooshy O's. They're the Smooshiest!). His current venture is called Smooshy's Pickles. They are the best pickles that you're ever going to try. You're an idiot if you don't think so.

Some other things that are important to Smooshy are a

mentoring the youth
. He thinks that the kids today are coddled and that they need get out into the world more and be less afraid of shit.