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Hi, my name is Mooshy Misha Mooshovitz. I'm a red squirrel. My family is originally from eastern Europe, but I grew up in New Jersey. I moved out to Colorado a few years ago. I got a job at the big acorn warehouse in


I met my partner, Monkeylynn, while she was working on a marketing campaign for the warehouse. She is a super talented designer at the Banana Split Agency. We have a daughter named Marshmallow. We try to teach her about both of our cultures.

My cousin, Smooshy, is a big part of this project. He is an entrepreneur.

This website is created and maintained by

that lives with us.

How to support Mooshy & Co

I am having fun out here, but if anyone is paying attention, I appreciate support. Here are various ways that you can support Mooshy & Co.

  • Help animals - I like squirrels, but I also lose sleep over the normalized abuse of other animals in our society. Find a charity on this

    and send them a few bucks. If you let me know that you've made a donation, I'll send you a thank you gift.

    Even more impactful than a donation, cut some or all animal products out of your diet. Buy cruelty free products. Talk to your friends about it.

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