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  • Species: Monkey
  • Birthday: April 4, 1990
  • Interests: design, riding bikes, climbing

Monkeylynn is a really cute monkey and a super talented designer at the Banana Split Agency. She met her partner,

, when she was working on a design concept for his employer (Cheesman Acorn Warehouse). They fell in love and had a really cool daughter,

Monkeylynn's family is originally from Paraguay, and she speaks a little tiny bit of Spanish, but she is trying to improve with Duolingo and watching Coco in Spanish. Her uncle,

still lives in Paraguay (which has an unusually large navy for a land-locked country). He comes to visit frequently because he likes Monkeylynn's family and he thinks the vegetarian green chili in Colorado is fantastic.

Sometimes Monkeylynn deals with some

and sometimes she has stress because of her cousin-in-law,
, but mostly she is happy making art, riding bikes, climbing, and
being a mom