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Marshmallow L. Mooshovitz

  • Species: Monkey Squirrel
  • Birthday: October 26, 2011
  • Interests: climbing, arts and crafts

Marshmallow, daughter of (

), is a monkey squirrel (not squirrel monkey). She likes being part of both monkey and squirrel cultures, but sometimes
she has trouble finding her group
in the volatile, wild west that is middle school.

She likes climbing on things and making arts and crafts. Recently, she started getting really into screenprinting and has been making a bunch of


This smart young lady also recently celebrated her

, a very important tradition in Squirrelish culture. The ceremony went pretty well, and they had a delightful buffet at the Cheesman Squirrel Lodge. The ritual included an innovative new type of bat and we think the Bat Guild doesn't mind being left out of it at all.

Now, Marshmallow is navigating the joys of being a tween and

from her cousin